Synth Covers

All instrumental parts are from the Arturia MicroBrute Analog Synthesizer and some guitar from my loving partner.

Yes, I got external midi help to get everything on the grid. This is meant to be a demo of all the synth settings.


Another Day In Paradise – Synth Cover (Arturia MicroBrute) & Guitar.

This is my favourite Phil Collins song. 30 years later, we still have a problem with homelessness, and many people displaced more than ever. Open your hearts and minds!





Heartbeats Accelerating – Synth Cover

Persian Clothes

Check it out! Handmade by me!


Making Sense Out Of Lucy DeCouture’s Testimony In Rape Culture

The general comments and media coverage on the most recent revelations of the Jian Ghomeshi case are horrifying, devoid of any critical analysis and sympathy!
This vitriol all due to the victim’s actions after the alleged attacked.
Yes, according to the court of public opinion, how you conduct yourself after the shock of being criminally attacked can be very well used against you! Lucy DeCouture wrote emails, and even a handwritten love letter, among other things, to the man she claimed had physically attacked her. This apparently could also make you a “liar”.
Yes, the court of public opinion, the prosecutor and Christie Blatchford of the National Post, being the psychological experts that they all are, decided that these are all indicators that she was actually enjoying this violence and therefore it is somehow legal. But that doesn’t take away from the fact that he never asked to choke her. That is illegal. However, the prosecutors are having a field day trying to humiliate DeCouture with these lurid details without focussing on establishing if the actual attack happened or not. It also seems that there is a confusion around what “consent” actually means.
What is the logic behind this message? If a person gets abused then decides to be romantic with the abuser afterwards, it suddenly makes the abuse legal and even excusable? A person who acts irrationally is allowed to be abused? Does justice vary from person to person?
We are here to establish if it happened or not. What happened after doesn’t make the abuse justified one bit! A crime is a crime is a crime is a crime, except in rape culture it seems.
I do not know what goes on in the mind of a criminal, and I certainly do not know what goes on in the the mind of a victim freshly attacked. No two people are the same. Even though Lucy DeCouture’s actions do not make sense to everyone else’s perfectly logical lives, her attack happened, it was real and it was important that she told the court. What Ghomeshi is charged of should be still taken very seriously and the more people that come forward as witnesses to this criminal behaviour, the more we can establish a guilty verdict and get justice.
It is important for all the victims to tell their stories, no matter how nuanced, as they can give strength to other victims to get justice and peace of mind. And of course, the more we learn, the more we can protect ourselves and others.
The justice system is not here to decide who is a “whore” or who makes stupid mistakes or who has an irrational blind spot.
The justice system is here to protect us. We need to know in our society who is capable of violence without consent. They should be locked up, rehabilitated and far away from the public. Do we want such a person to be exposed to a sister? A mother? A daughter? To anyone? To you?


What the hell did I do this year? It feels like I did nothing. Or a bit of a lot of things that came out to nothing. Didn’t experience any major breakthrough success. Again, yet very again I learn that I need to focus on just one thing and just succeed in that.

Anyway, let’s talk about the


Launched an EP, a poster collection, a clothing line, published a book, travelled to St. Vincent, upgraded my life to a better place of residence, got new gear, quit my full time job, learned how to sew, serge, design, garden and a bit of php.

Launched EP. 

1000 listens or so. A few friends and fewer strangers like it. I made music I like and that’s what should count, but in this reality, it doesn’t “count” unless at least 50,000 people listen to it, like it, etc. I really don’t know how to get there. I am familiar with the path, and will continue to email the blogs, community radio stations and “tastemakers”. I will continue to go to the shows and play the shows. I am not going away.

I will always make music. And I am motivated to put it out there because I need to be one more person that is a woman of colour in the scene. My lack of privilege will not stop me from being me. So play hits, money, and lack of connections will not stop me. So basically, I will make music, be authentic, and be loud, then accept whatever happens.

Launched Poster store online. 

63 sales. Sounds impressive, but this project is actually $13.13 in the red. But now I can leave this store alone and expect to get 2-3 sales a month for the rest of my life, because that’s what seems to be the number each month. I will sell only at zine fairs, not at artisan fairs like I did last year.

Launched  a book.

5 sales. Sounds like nothing, but I didn’t really promote it big time. I sold all these books at the artisan fair. I think it’s pretty good that some people bought my book based on just the first impression.

Started a clothing line. 

Got a grant, I am working really hard to start learning a new skill. Although I had some sewing experience before, I had to learn how to serge, and get all professional with finishing the clothes!

– Exercised way more regularly.

I must be the healthiest I’ve ever been. I lost all the little belly fat I had. I have been trying my best to do 2-3 sessions of pilates every week, and stretching every other day.

– Visited St. Vincent and the Grenadines.

I lived in the ultimate lap of luxury for a week for my bro’s wedding and got to be around my extended family and new family. It was the most memorable trip ever!

– Eliminated a demon.

Most importantly, a demon has been deleted from my life. I shall never ever ever ever get into contact with this evil zombie. Actually, since the evil zombie is gone, now I can really start accomplishing things.



Adobe Illustrator. I am really good at it now.


Sewing. Surging. Pattern making.


A bit of PHP.

A bit of français!



This year I hope to get a major breakthrough in music. I will play more shows and put out more songs. I also want to master ear training and sight reading.

I hope to get a major breakthrough with my clothing line.

I hope to become completely fluent in French.

Maybe get a publishing deal for my music book.


I will play more shows. Release new songs. Email them to everybody who might be interested. Meet as many people as possible.

I will have at least 27 garments. I will have a launch party. I will email them to everybody who might be interested. I will advertise. I will sell them for Persian new years.

I will watch French TV, write to the newspapers, get to level 25 on duolingo, do grammar exercises everyday, read the newspaper, make sure I understand every word.