Watching Corpusse

Corpusse, Jaash and I

I like to keep an open mind. Anyone would have to if they want to understand why a large man with evil clown makeup painted on is bellowing out random thoughts over a droning synth on stage. They call Coprusse the “Leonard Cohen of Punk Rock Music”.

While watching him at Mitzi Sister last Tuesday, I could hear people asking their friends, “Is this a joke? Is this guy for real?”

Corpusse said in an interview once that his act should be taken for what it is. To me its an explosion of raw human emotion on stage. He bursts out occasionally into these operatic belts while passionately rambling phrases without any inhibition. It can also be puzzling. There is this one bit he does where he takes out a hammer and bangs it on the floor and says, “WAKE UP NEIGHBOUR! WAKE UP SUSAN SARANDON!”. Combine this with his long hair glued up right two feet high into a cone, and imaginitive props and decorations and you get a show. He’s been doing this for 20 years, and clearly puts a lot of works into it. Whatever you make of him, no one can disagree on his passion. And for that I respect him.

Check out his myspace at

Also, this video might lend insight to this “one-of-a-kind performer and mythological figure on the Canadian artistic landscape”: