My Small Steps in Defeating Capitalism

I am just one person. But change starts with one person.

This is how one person is defeating capitalism this year:

I am vermicomposting. This has so many benefits! Up to 40% of my garbage will now be transformed into fertile soil that will be used for my herb garden. How does this have to do with capitalism? Well, for one thing, I won’t need to buy herbs and soil. But in the grand scheme of things, I will contribute less to garbage pick ups and landfill expenses that our tax money is paying for. I am giving the budget more room to pay for meaningful things like, healthcare and education! All our actions have an impact.

I will make vermicomposting bins for others. The worms in the bin can double their population every 3-4 months. They will stop breeding when the bin is full. But I won’t let it get there. If I make a new bin for someone every 3-4 months, and they in turn make a new bin for others, and so on, then something significant would have happened. I did the math. If I follow this program, in 2013 I can prevent 156 litres of garbage from going to the landfills. In 2014, 2560 litres of garbage will be prevented from going to the landfills. I will write a blog post about this new program I made for myself..

I will not buy any new clothes. I feel like I have accumulated enough since I grown into a full size adult, which has been eight years or so.

I will continue to live like a stoic. And it’s not so bad! I don’t own a car. I don’t have cable. I don’t have TV. I pay very low rent, and very rarely, if at all, buy alcohol. Going to music jams and living in a vibrant neighbourhood and eating good food is what makes my day to day life fun.

I will avoid eating at restaurants. It’s really hard, but if I watch Zietgiest once a week, I am sure I will have the motivation and develop the discipline.

I will bring awareness. I am publishing this blog. Also, in my upcoming album, I will have many songs about debt slavery and human trafficking.



I will attend at least five protests this year.

I will learn more about independant energy.

I will learn more about hydroponic farming. I will learn more about vertical hydroponic farms.

I will read more about how others are living off-grid.


Now will the world be a magical place in 2014?