Coming out – Releasing new music

It seems vain, putting out you deepest personal expressions, and then asking the whole world to listen to it and even demand that they pay for it.

I thought about it for the longest time. I think about it every time I see a guy singing his heartbreak song in a bar over everyone talking. Also, imagine having to repeat the song with the story of your traumatic experience everyday on a tour? Imagine reliving your pain all the time for faceless strangers? Or singing about a guy/girl you don’t care about anymore? It reminded me of the suicide letter that Kurt Cobain wrote. The songs just didn’t do it for him anymore, each concert felt like he had to ‘clock in and clock out’. And it hurt him to see so many people excited about the concert, when he couldn’t care.


It is easy to speak from personal experiences in the moment, but why does it have to public? Why does it need to be repeated? What is the purpose of music? Of art?


So I approached this EP with my own purpose that I could believe in 100%. I want to go to the stage and sing my heart into every word, every time. The lyrics had to be centered around ideas that are in dire need of more exposure. Politics. The state of the world. The cosmos. Our dreams. Our mysteries. To advance our civilization and get out of the menial humdrum that is the 99% of lives. And no, this is not a cliche, if it was a cliche, if more artists were singing about this, we wouldn’t be in the mess we live in today. I wish this was cliche.


Music isn’t only about showing off your skills, who can sing the highest and strongest and longest pitches with the youngest age, or playing with complex loop pedals, or gimmicks. The stage isn’t a medium for show offs or sex-tertainers. We have the internet now, we see novelty videos everyday. There are channels of them. We know that humans can achieve any skills at a freakish level if they wanted to. So what? We have yet to achieve the most important thing: Coming together and live in a sustainable and egalitarian manner.


With this purpose, I put it on the melodies that came to me. And I tried my best to arrange it in a way that pushes myself with the technical and creative side of music. I was actually motivated to wrap these messages in songs that were entertaining, and interesting.


However, I’m relatively new at this. Maybe this EP didn’t hammer the nail on the head. Maybe it will not get any listens. But there will be other EP’s, and I will get help along the way. And I will only get better. At least I started from somewhere.


So with this, please check out my latest EP from my latest project, “Lucid Living”: