So I went to this concert…

On a Wednesday evening, I passed by a venue and went in on a whim. Four bands were on the bill, 10 people were inside. I couldn’t tell if it was more band members or spectators. I spoke to one of the musicians who told me she was from Halifax, they were “touring”. The show was free, or PWYC, I couldn’t tell.
This scene is very typical. This scene is very sad. When a relatively unknown band travel across the country and blasts their distorted guitars in empty venues, they are doing more harm than good. They are¬†NOT¬†getting any new fans. They are supporting oil companies for transportation. They are supporting harmful manufacturing companies that produced these CD’s and merch. These musicians are on a budget, so they are either dumpster diving, or eating fast food from exploited workers. When you come out to these shows you are NOT supporting the arts. When you come out to such shows, you are supporting insanity.
The show must go on, but if you are going to harm the world, play for an audience, play with some purpose.
Well Joe band, good for you for now being able to write “toured across the country” in the bio.