Do you trust online reviews?


I am dead tired from an awful night at an Airbnb.

Yes, the place had great ratings!

Yes, the pictures looked upscale, new and amazing!

But it was so slightly deceiving!

– The mattress was very hard.
– The ad said it could accommodate for two, but it was a double bed. How can this accommodate for even one adult with the average size being on the plus side nowadays?
– The guy’s mother was cooking loudly in the kitchen throughout the night and early in the morning (I would say around 6:30 am).
– It clearly said in the ad that there was a private washroom, but it wasn’t. The washroom was outside the bedroom and involved going through a shared space. Did they mean that the washroom was not used by the other occupants? I thought private washroom meant it is attached to your private room!

So why do I write this here and not on the airbnb ad? Because my husband doesn’t want to ruin the guys business, and wants to just forget about it and move on. We were shocked that the guy had so many positive reviews. So many people said it was “comfortable”.

If so many other people liked it, then maybe we are the ones with a problem? Comfort could be subjective after all.

On the plus side it was safe and it looked nice. I guess these are the things that people value the most in this society.

By the way, this is my third disaster airbnb experience out of 10!