Transitioning Off Facebook Thoughts

My husband wonders why I don’t share our personal life on Facebook. But I point out that I also don’t even post my birthday or any personal milestones there. I am just not comfortable with sharing personal information with acquaintances (and expired friends) who are not soliciting for them (nor would I want to share with necessarily). Also, I am not interested in unsolicited useless information from them.  I unfollowed pretty much everyone. My brain has no benefit to register their life details. I took control of my newsfeed so I can see updates from the groups, places and pages that I should care about. The only personal information updates I am actually concerned about is my direct family and a few friends. And that’s my limit, and I think maybe once a day of that info is more than enough.

Also, the brain could benefit with some focus. Being inundated with constant tidbits about different things can’t be good. What can I achieve when I am scrolling through streams of other people’s consciousness, random pictures, announcements of other people’s accomplishments, etc? It’s good to dedicate your day to two or three things (family, work & fitness, maybe even real fun!). Your thoughts will be deeper, your imagination will be more vivid, you will be much happier, these are just some things that happened to me when I stopped using it.

There are other ways of archiving your life and you can use Facebook for other purposes. Sometimes I use it as a place where I share information I think that could better the world. Or I share positive things I did that I want other people to follow. For example, I planted fruit trees in my local public park so that the community has a constant supply of some free food! I also talked about planting milkweeds and all the endangered Monarch Butterflies being attracted to it.

I think it’s best to archive my life with travel photos, fun pictures, thoughts & milestones here on my website! My way!