Major Things I Learned in 2018

– Care from prenatal until 5 years old is the foundation of humanity!
– Women do not receive enough (or any) support in society for child care and pregnancy.
– Smoothies with super foods is a daily must! Fast and super effective. Throw hemp seeds, greek yogurt, berries and spinach in a blender, swallow it and move on with your day!
– Babies are a bundle of joy. Not a crying nuisance! My baby is such an angel! Rarely EVER cries. So much new info out there about modern ways to tend to their needs. Men, media and uninformed parents are spreading lies! (Edit: of course there are exceptions, but some women are still told to ignore their babies cries and that they are spoiling their babies with affection, etc. this undoubtedly doesn’t help with the crying. These new techniques are proven to reduce the crying by a large percentage in general, results of course vary but still significant enough to try)
– Empathy! (using reason is apparently wrong, you have to sympathize with the persons feelings)
– Autodesk Fusion 360 (free software for makers!), we did some 3d printing of an invention that I would like to unveil to you soon!
– 12 Rules for Life by Jordan Peterson (still reading it, filled with truth bombs after truth bombs)