Baby Event Guide Corpus Christi 2019

Where do you entertain a baby? Where are the great “yes” spaces where they are free to crawl around, learn and have fun? Well, here is what I came up with!

Here is a sample week of baby life in Corpus Christ with my little review and tips. I added asterisks *** for recommended events. 

By the way, I know there are repeats of these events but at different times. This is just a sample of what an action packed week may have. I also know there are other events for babies but they are affiliated with religion, so I did not include them. I didn’t include events that are all ages or 5 and under because they are not baby friendly in my opinion.



11:30 am – “Busy Bumblebees” 0-2 years old. Macdonald library. Try it out, but I don’t go there because the event takes place in the middle of the library floor (is it clean for babies to crawl on?) not a separate room like the other library events, so the singing and reading is quiet and awkward. Last time I went there was a table literally behind the animator where an old man was studying. The animator makes great effort to make the event nice by printing the lyrics to the songs they sing and incorporates ASL to the songs. The animator’s energy is okay.



***10:15 am Harte library


0-2 years old. I like the songs they sing here the best. The selection of infant books are also among the best. Most modern designed library. Animator smiles and has good energy. Highly recommend this place!

10:15 am – “Talented Toddlers” – Neyland library

Okay library. Animator is a bit, I can’t find a more polite word to say this, by the book? I’m not into her music selection. Well thought out toys for infants.

***6:30 pm first Tuesday’s of the month – le leche league meeting.

It takes place at a church, but it is not affiliated with any religion. Great to talk to other women about breastfeeding. They provide toys for your baby to play with (in case you forgot yours!)


10:15 am – “Talented Toddlers” – Neyland library

5:30 pm – Aquatots 


Okay introduction to water for infants. I would recommend going there for three months max. Literally, each class was exactly the same. Instructor recites a script. My baby got really bored of it and at 10 months old shook his head no (a first!)  when I asked him if he wanted to go. He didn’t shake his head in response to any other questions I asked him.  


9:30 am – fit4mom

I am glad that this health promoting program is here! I really wanted to do this but couldn’t because I didn’t want to keep my baby in a stroller. Like that is actually the rule there. And you know, the World Health Organization recommends not to keep your baby contained in a chair like that for more than one hour a day. I found that it was better to work out throughout the day with my own routine at home while my baby could crawl around the house. The fitness instructor is really nice and cool based on the one time I met her.


***10:30 – Garcia library.

Screen Shot 2019-08-09 at 12.58.50 PM

Highly recommended. Animators are very fun and are great at entertaining babies. Be careful, it gets very crowded! And sometimes parents bring older siblings that could ruin it for other babies.


Beach? Baby can play in the sand and a little water. Great for sensory. 

Aquarium? Well there is that splash pad. Baby gets to see lots of fishies at their eye level.


***9 am – Kindermusik.

 Only $60/month. New franchise program in town that is really well thought out! Singing, nursery rhymes, all the latest trends in play is right here!


  • Houston’s Children Museum “tot spot” is absolutely amazing place to go. Sensory galore! Crawling friendly! Worth the three hour drive! You could also go to the Galleria mall after to change it up. Not as good, but you might as well if you are going to go all that way.

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  • I wouldn’t recommend taking your baby to “Play” as the play area is too small, not at all worth the $14 admission.