Covid Thoughts

What a laugh. Went to pick up groceries early morning and everything you could possibly do wrong this old lady did, like an over exaggerated skit on SNL.

– Windows rolled down
– Orders only a small single bag of groceries! Is this supposed to last a week? What a waste of curbside service. It is high in demand and you have to wait a week for a time slot, and she uses it for a measily bag of what? Are these the boomer women who are supposed to have more life/homemaking skills than us millennials?
– Then she asks for the groceries to be given to her in her hands rather than the trunk breaking safety protocol.
– It gets better… she chats with the employee for a good five minutes. I was in no rush to take this picture.
– It gets even better… she even tips the employee a dirty dollar bill! The guy, who is supposed to be a supervisor, accepts it!

The lady had no mask nor any gloves!

I wonder how the pandemic would play out if the average iq increased by three points…
I think about how the old cling on to their ways even if it means risking the lives of the younger generations. This applies to their disregard for the environment too…


These wet market vendors and the Chinese government have caused so much troubles in this world with no consequence… at all! Half the population will go into poverty. There will most likely be a depression. No apology? No solution? No charge? No jail? No revenge no justice?

I think about the super spreaders too who didn’t respect quarantine rules! The general disobedience and lack of civil respect!

I think about the heavy hand the common person has to deal with. The guy who has to wear an anklet tracking device for house arrest for a petty drinking or drug crime, but no anklets for the covid positive person that could kill many people wandering the streets and stores.

Then I think about gang violence, cartels, mafia, general criminals who kill to get even for petty cash. Now they are financially hurting cause of covid. Will they get even with the Wuhan wet market?

I think about custom agents who put up a security theater, who are quick to make travelers throw away expensive things if it breaks any of their million rules for “safety”. What are these people doing about covid walking right through their doors? Nothing.

More poverty = more deaths.

Super strict social isolation sounds like it works if done for a short amount of time, 14+ days, a few weeks or so, but to have social isolation done for months, even a year, we are headed in economic collapse and people do not know how to cope to the new reality (who do you know that can grow their own food, harvest their own water, use solar panels and hand wash their own clothes?), and most people are going to be impoverished… and we all know that more poverty = more deaths.