All the posters I’ve designed is now in a book that you can get on Amazon! Look up “Sound in Pictures” and you will be sure to find it. Or use this link,¬†

My aim is to communicate music concepts in an easy and artful manner! Very simple and fun to follow. I actually have a copy on my desk that I always refer to when producing music.




The ultimate reference for all music lovers! This book is packed with beautiful designs to describe all aspects of music production, from timing, chord structures, patterns and more. Contents include designs for:

  • Notes in colours
  • Chord structures demonstrated on keyboard
  • Chord structures in MIDI
  • A list of chords in all scales
  • Music modes demonstrated on keyboard
  • Circle of Fifths
  • Circle of Fifths in all modes
  • Timing, how all notes are counted
  • BPM to Time Chart
  • Song Structure Example
  • Compression, a mathematical description that is easy to follow
  • Standard drum kit on midi keyboard controller
  • Drum kit These 36 pages are a must-have for any music library.

This book is assembled locally. The cover is a sleek black faux leatherette and the pages are printed on digital silk. 9″ x 12″ – 36 pages