A Flashy and Practical Purse

Well here it is, the Miss Utility purse in red. It has all the features for ultimate organization, built-in card holders, sturdy compartments and even a secret drawer for pens and makeup. These features have never been in the purse world until now!

Almost every transaction I make in public (pre covid), I get a lot of compliments on this purse! And now you have the opportunity to get such compliments by purchasing it here: https://havahdesigns.com

A revolution in purses?

Hi guys!

So I have been getting A LOT, I mean A LOT of compliments on my purse from STRANGERS. I never seen or heard of anything like it. I could be carrying one of those $2000 purses from LV or whatever, and no one would notice (because I guess it is expected for respectable women to have those purses?), but this purse I proudly made has got a lot of attention. BUT why am I not getting massive sales? I spent a lot of money on ads and the sales haven’t justified the price. The campaigns are really lean and well targeted. What is the problem here? I have no idea. Economy? People are slave to brands and influencers? Lack of options? People probably want more colours. Maybe I didn’t take the pictures right. I don’t know, but here it is. A super organized purse made with a 3D printer. I designed it on Autodesk Fusion 360 and even sewed the strap myself! My husband was the 3D printer technician, I tried to learn as much as I could but that part is hard!

I got to finish off the other sizes too, I want to launch a mini minimalist purse, a laptop briefcase, a camera case purse, and a large purse. Maybe even music cases for small instruments! I will go to as many craft fairs as I can and produce creative videos and try advertising again.

Check it out on www.havahdesigns.com.





Dying Clothes Naturally – Safe For Composting

I have a new project in my sights! Compostable biodegradable clothes. I am combining my love for composting and clothes together so I can live sustainably in style. The idea of wearing used clothes repulses me to my core. To me, wearing compostable clothes is the best eco-friendly solution!

I found the perfect jersey organic cotton fabric here in Texas:


And the perfect (very expensive!) thread from The Netherlands:


And I made the dye myself! I don’t trust the “eco-friendly” dyes they sell online, they have harmful metals in them like tin and led that could poison a compost pile! Only iron and alum are safe. For a nice pink, all you would need are some avocados and water. So many plants give nice colours, there are so many books all about that.


Here are my results:

This is how you would prepare the fabric:

Persian Clothes

Check it out! Handmade by me!