Dying Clothes Naturally – Safe For Composting

I have a new project in my sights! Compostable biodegradable clothes. I am combining my love for composting and clothes together so I can live sustainably in style. The idea of wearing used clothes repulses me to my core. To me, wearing compostable clothes is the best eco-friendly solution!

I found the perfect jersey organic cotton fabric here in Texas:


And the perfect (very expensive!) thread from The Netherlands:


And I made the dye myself! I don’t trust the “eco-friendly” dyes they sell online, they have harmful metals in them like tin and led that could poison a compost pile! Only iron and alum are safe. For a nice pink, all you would need are some avocados and water. So many plants give nice colours, there are so many books all about that.


Here are my results:

This is how you would prepare the fabric:

Making Sense Out Of Lucy DeCouture’s Testimony In Rape Culture

The general comments and media coverage on the most recent revelations of the Jian Ghomeshi case are horrifying, devoid of any critical analysis and sympathy!
This vitriol all due to the victim’s actions after the alleged attacked.
Yes, according to the court of public opinion, how you conduct yourself after the shock of being criminally attacked can be very well used against you! Lucy DeCouture wrote emails, and even a handwritten love letter, among other things, to the man she claimed had physically attacked her. This apparently could also make you a “liar”.
Yes, the court of public opinion, the prosecutor and Christie Blatchford of the National Post, being the psychological experts that they all are, decided that these are all indicators that she was actually enjoying this violence and therefore it is somehow legal. But that doesn’t take away from the fact that he never asked to choke her. That is illegal. However, the prosecutors are having a field day trying to humiliate DeCouture with these lurid details without focussing on establishing if the actual attack happened or not. It also seems that there is a confusion around what “consent” actually means.
What is the logic behind this message? If a person gets abused then decides to be romantic with the abuser afterwards, it suddenly makes the abuse legal and even excusable? A person who acts irrationally is allowed to be abused? Does justice vary from person to person?
We are here to establish if it happened or not. What happened after doesn’t make the abuse justified one bit! A crime is a crime is a crime is a crime, except in rape culture it seems.
I do not know what goes on in the mind of a criminal, and I certainly do not know what goes on in the the mind of a victim freshly attacked. No two people are the same. Even though Lucy DeCouture’s actions do not make sense to everyone else’s perfectly logical lives, her attack happened, it was real and it was important that she told the court. What Ghomeshi is charged of should be still taken very seriously and the more people that come forward as witnesses to this criminal behaviour, the more we can establish a guilty verdict and get justice.
It is important for all the victims to tell their stories, no matter how nuanced, as they can give strength to other victims to get justice and peace of mind. And of course, the more we learn, the more we can protect ourselves and others.
The justice system is not here to decide who is a “whore” or who makes stupid mistakes or who has an irrational blind spot.
The justice system is here to protect us. We need to know in our society who is capable of violence without consent. They should be locked up, rehabilitated and far away from the public. Do we want such a person to be exposed to a sister? A mother? A daughter? To anyone? To you?

Losers in cars.

I have the right to do groceries anytime I want, in any attire I want! Alone! I shouldn’t have the slightest discomfort or fear at this very normal activity and I will tear up anybody who will try to ruin this for me or for any woman!

This evening, at around 9:20 pm, I went out to do grocery shopping. It’s almost summer, so I wore a rather short dress because I love the feeling of the air.

As I was walking, some idiotic goons drove pass by me and were hollering loudly and very obnoxiously. Then they stopped at the red light. Of course I ran up to that red light and gave them a good yelling. “Why were you hollering? What the hell is your problem? What were you thinking? You are disgusting!”

Then these idiots continued to objectify me and MAN-ipulate me, “We weren’t hollering at you! You aren’t even all that. You’re crazy.”

I immediately said, “That’s not what this is about! You were yelling! You are disgusting! You’re idiots! Get some respect” etc.

As if heckling is appropriate to do to a woman of your physical liking! As if I care what losers in a car think about my appearance! As if women in public are objects for your dumb opinions! As if women can be easily manipulated to believe in something that didn’t happen in reality. I’m a 29 year old urban female, and I know a hollering from anywhere! Four grown men in a car making sexist remarks, with the windows already down, and your trying to convince me I didn’t hear any jeering?

They probably weren’t expecting someone to fight back, so they said anything stupid, like commenting on my body. And I continued to be grounded in logic and reality, I continued to let them know they are sexist low lives, and my appearance is none of their business. I used a tone to make them feel very ashamed! Enough for them to ruin their evening. I know this is one of my talents, and I put it to good use.

This experience will sit with them for the rest of the evening, and they will probably be all macho and convince each other that I was crazy, I am aware of that, but I know they will always associate this experience with my yelling next time they try to holler at another woman. And if they have any nuerons, I might have made them realize they are in fact disgusting, and maybe will change.

And I know for some of you that may be reading this may think that what I did was crazy, and I should have let it go, but how many more years do I let this obnoxious behaviour go? Why is it normal to be such a pushover? Feminism can’t win with just joining Facebook pages, reading academic blogs, and attending ‘safe space’ events. And I refuse to live in fear or any slut-shaming! Covering women to prevent men from harassing them is the same logic that is used in Iran and I will NOT tolerate it in this country.

Boutiques in Montreal

Montreal is famous for them.

Everyone loves looking at them.

Everyone loves being around them.

Living around them.

Walking around them.

Taking pictures in front of them.

Showing them off. They are the pride of a neighbourhood.

But no one buys anything from them.

They are really expensive!

I never see anyone in these stores buying anything. How do these stores afford to pay the high rent and all the other operating costs?

I donated $10 to Wikipedia

I am letting the world know not because I want a pat on the back, but because I want to raise awareness and make this a more commonplace thing to do. Wikipedia must have single handedly raised the average IQ of all people on planet earth by 10 points.


You can even go to the “talk” tab to see debates around grey areas.

There are countless number of volunteers that make sure that the information is unbiased and factual. We need to keep Wikipedia independent from commercial interests, that is why you don’t see advertisements.

So donate to wikipedia so they can keep on doing what they are doing!