Making Sense Out Of Lucy DeCouture’s Testimony In Rape Culture

The general comments and media coverage on the most recent revelations of the Jian Ghomeshi case are horrifying, devoid of any critical analysis and sympathy!
This vitriol all due to the victim’s actions after the alleged attacked.
Yes, according to the court of public opinion, how you conduct yourself after the shock of being criminally attacked can be very well used against you! Lucy DeCouture wrote emails, and even a handwritten love letter, among other things, to the man she claimed had physically attacked her. This apparently could also make you a “liar”.
Yes, the court of public opinion, the prosecutor and Christie Blatchford of the National Post, being the psychological experts that they all are, decided that these are all indicators that she was actually enjoying this violence and therefore it is somehow legal. But that doesn’t take away from the fact that he never asked to choke her. That is illegal. However, the prosecutors are having a field day trying to humiliate DeCouture with these lurid details without focussing on establishing if the actual attack happened or not. It also seems that there is a confusion around what “consent” actually means.
What is the logic behind this message? If a person gets abused then decides to be romantic with the abuser afterwards, it suddenly makes the abuse legal and even excusable? A person who acts irrationally is allowed to be abused? Does justice vary from person to person?
We are here to establish if it happened or not. What happened after doesn’t make the abuse justified one bit! A crime is a crime is a crime is a crime, except in rape culture it seems.
I do not know what goes on in the mind of a criminal, and I certainly do not know what goes on in the the mind of a victim freshly attacked. No two people are the same. Even though Lucy DeCouture’s actions do not make sense to everyone else’s perfectly logical lives, her attack happened, it was real and it was important that she told the court. What Ghomeshi is charged of should be still taken very seriously and the more people that come forward as witnesses to this criminal behaviour, the more we can establish a guilty verdict and get justice.
It is important for all the victims to tell their stories, no matter how nuanced, as they can give strength to other victims to get justice and peace of mind. And of course, the more we learn, the more we can protect ourselves and others.
The justice system is not here to decide who is a “whore” or who makes stupid mistakes or who has an irrational blind spot.
The justice system is here to protect us. We need to know in our society who is capable of violence without consent. They should be locked up, rehabilitated and far away from the public. Do we want such a person to be exposed to a sister? A mother? A daughter? To anyone? To you?

Water your plants people!

Yesterday I walked by an office and noticed they had dying plants on their windowsill.

I just barged in and a girl in there was really confused. I told her, “You should water your plants! They are dying!”

“Okay” is all she could say.

And I walked away.

Yes I had every right to intervene! Nature is everyone’s business.

One Syrian Reality

Spoke to a Syrian guy today,

“Any news from home?”

“There is no more back home.”

Tell Stephen Harper To Stop Wasting Money on the Action Plan Ads!

Hey guys!

I started this petition. Please sign it!



Over tens of millions of dollars have been spent in “Economic Action Plan” ads since 2009. The Finance department alone spent over $25 million. Natural Resources Canada has budgeted $9 million in the current 2012-13 fiscal year for ads. This is on top of the tens of millions of ad spending by other departments.

We are growing tired of these TV, radio, print and Internet ads. We got the point.

“They don’t reflect people’s daily experience. And at a time when the government says it wants to be fiscally prudent, it’s wasting huge sums of money on these ads for projects that have already been long finished. What is the point?” – MP Peggy Nash

The frivolous spending doesn’t stop there. The government spent $300,000 on polling firms just to find out how Canadians feel about these ads. They don’t need to hire a firm to know that Canadians feel that this is “propaganda” and “a waste of money”. Let this petition be a bold indicator as to how Canadians really feel about these ads.