A visit from Hawaii

My dear Hawaiin friend from my university days paid me a visit and said Aloha. Well not really, she actually just said hello. Splendid! We will meet again in Australia, and I’ll be sure to detail that adventure here on this blog.

Does being mature = boring?

What is it to be mature exactly? I get the impression from others that being mature = boring and not necessarily = wise and civilized.

Why does my mom think its a ridiculous idea to install a slide on our stairs? I argue that it’s a speedier and efficient way of getting downstairs. But no! We are adults- we are not allowed to add fun into our lives, even when its practical.

Why are children clothes designed to have vibrant, bright and deep colours while adults can only choose from dull shades? Luckily for me, I have a petite frame and I still shop at the children’s section from time to time.

Why are things like swings exclusively for kids? Does that imply when I’m 18 somehow the pleasure of soaring up and down suddenly disappears? Once in a while I like a good swing, there is a bit of an adrenaline rush I get from feeling like I’m being catapulted into the sky.

Why are children books and ‘adult’ books in the library mainly categorized by having images to having no images at all. Does that imply that as I get older I have less appreciation for illustration? Photography?

I like to indulge in pictures, and do all these other ‘childish’ things yet I can still fulfill my adult responsibilities, and always have been.

I don’t think these worlds should be mutually exclusive. I think having some colour in your life makes you human after all, don’t you?

The Cleanest Public Washroom in the World.

The new public washroom in the newly renovated Royal Conservatory of Music in Toronto

The other day I stumbled across the public washroom in the newly renovated Royal Conservatory of Music in Toronto, and my! what a pleasant surprise it was! Just look at how clean it is, just ready to be used.

If only this picture could convey how pristine and clean it was!