Being a Good Mom is Hard!

There are so many scientific discoveries in the world of child rearing. The ones that stand out the most are breastfeeding at a minimum of two years is extremely beneficial in every way, being empathetic, there is no such thing as spoiling a baby, attachment parenting, two parent household, etc. etc. Well, I am trying my very best to checkmark everything on that list. It’s hard, but this is the kind of job where you gotta do it right!

A day at the Palmera mall today…

8 year old boys in strollers and even on the changing pad at the washroom. lol.

14 year old boy rolling around the front display at a clothing store. He was still rolling around while doing the second lap.

Omarr asks: “Is this normal?”

I ask, “Does this happen in other cities?”

Major Things I Learned in 2018

– Care from prenatal until 5 years old is the foundation of humanity!
– Women do not receive enough (or any) support in society for child care and pregnancy.
– Smoothies with super foods is a daily must! Fast and super effective. Throw hemp seeds, greek yogurt, berries and spinach in a blender, swallow it and move on with your day!
– Babies are a bundle of joy. Not a crying nuisance! My baby is such an angel! Rarely EVER cries. So much new info out there about modern ways to tend to their needs. Men, media and uninformed parents are spreading lies! (Edit: of course there are exceptions, but some women are still told to ignore their babies cries and that they are spoiling their babies with affection, etc. this undoubtedly doesn’t help with the crying. These new techniques are proven to reduce the crying by a large percentage in general, results of course vary but still significant enough to try)
– Empathy! (using reason is apparently wrong, you have to sympathize with the persons feelings)
– Autodesk Fusion 360 (free software for makers!), we did some 3d printing of an invention that I would like to unveil to you soon!
– 12 Rules for Life by Jordan Peterson (still reading it, filled with truth bombs after truth bombs)

Why Is Ignorance A Celebrated Parenting Style?

A friend the other day frowned at the idea of me wanting to teach my son French and music (among a million other things). She says what everyone often says, not to “force” children to do something they don’t like.

You know what else children don’t like? Math & literacy. Yet it is a requirement in any school around the world. I’m sure children generally prefer to have all day recesses with their buddies and have unlimited access to ice cream and chips. But we don’t, because we know this is a critical time in human development to learn. (having fun is important too, but not 24/7 obviously)

Why can’t parents go above and beyond the expectations of the basic school curriculum to teach their children valuable skills?


We teach children to recognize shapes, colours and their names. We teach children the names of tastes (salty, sweet), how something feels (hot, cold, soft, hard), but for some reason, when it comes to our hearing senses, it is pushed to the side. We don’t teach babies the sound of pitches and their names. This is sad because music and sound is the most powerful of the senses. Once you are three and haven’t learned the pitches, your brain will permanently shut off its ability to learn (unless you are blessed with rare perfect pitch genetics).

Why not give your child the gift of being able to read any sheet music and hear it in their minds as music? Why not give your child the gift of being able to write music on paper accurately as they hear it in their minds without the aid of instruments? Or giving your child the ability to express themselves through singing?

Just because we teach kids music doesn’t mean we want them to sign on to a big label or win music competitions. We should teach kids music the same reason we teach them grammar, spelling and art which is to give them another medium to express themselves in.

This is why I bought an app called Nuryl, which is a playlist of “high information” music curated by a man who has a son with a level of perfect pitch I have never seen in my life. (see video below). I am also playing music often everyday and have plenty of fun activities planned ahead!


French (and other “useless” languages)

English is pretty much the language of Earth right now, and Spanish & Mandarin are up there. So when I told my friend that I will be teaching (talking to) my son in French (and some Farsi), she was like, “why not Spanish?”.

“Yes that too!” (I live in a very hispanic part of the country).

Why can’t I give my son all the knowledge I know and more in languages? We all know that its next to impossible to learn a new language at the native speaker level as adults, so why not give him as much of these abilities as possible? Being able to speak another language (especially at the native speaker level) means more opportunities for jobs, travelling and meeting interesting people. You also learn another culture and another way of thinking. Again, much like music, language mastery at the native level is a skill you can only learn as a baby.

So yea, I dropped like $500 in French books and memorized a lot of songs to sing to my son.


So teaching your kid music and french among other skills is not about “forcing” your kid to “achieve” something. This is about giving your children “options” so they are “empowered” to do “whatever THEY want”.

Very happy to be married to a man who shares my values especially when it comes to learning! And it doesn’t hurt that he is extremely knowledgeable too in so many things I don’t know! Oh and he supports me wanting to homeschool our son because we all know how much school can waste time and is not up to date among other problems! This will be talked about in another post!