I Experienced “Sleep Paralysis” Last Night!

This was unlike anything I ever experienced! Imagine not being able to move one limb, not even your fingers, not even your toes. I couldn’t open my eyes. I was frozen. I used all my might, I couldn’t budge at all! It was an awful feeling.

I think it came from sleep deprivation/sleep interruption. My husband left early for work, and I remember asking him to turn off the fans before leaving. He claims he doesn’t remember me asking him this, so this could have been part of the dream. One of the fans has a slight clattering that make it sound like someone is walking around the house. I thought he turned it off, so when I heard that clattering, I actually thought someone was walking in the house. I wanted to investigate, but I couldn’t open my eyes to even see. I think this lasted for 20 minutes.

Do you trust online reviews?


I am dead tired from an awful night at an Airbnb.

Yes, the place had great ratings!

Yes, the pictures looked upscale, new and amazing!

But it was so slightly deceiving!

– The mattress was very hard.
– The ad said it could accommodate for two, but it was a double bed. How can this accommodate for even one adult with the average size being on the plus side nowadays?
– The guy’s mother was cooking loudly in the kitchen throughout the night and early in the morning (I would say around 6:30 am).
– It clearly said in the ad that there was a private washroom, but it wasn’t. The washroom was outside the bedroom and involved going through a shared space. Did they mean that the washroom was not used by the other occupants? I thought private washroom meant it is attached to your private room!

So why do I write this here and not on the airbnb ad? Because my husband doesn’t want to ruin the guys business, and wants to just forget about it and move on. We were shocked that the guy had so many positive reviews. So many people said it was “comfortable”.

If so many other people liked it, then maybe we are the ones with a problem? Comfort could be subjective after all.

On the plus side it was safe and it looked nice. I guess these are the things that people value the most in this society.

By the way, this is my third disaster airbnb experience out of 10!

Top 8 Culture Shocks Corpus Christi, Texas

You can’t really know a place from just visiting a week. I was here for two months now and every now and then I see something out of my ordinary here and there that I would like to share with my fellow Canuks and QKers.

1. Texas has palm trees and beaches!

All my life I thought Texas was just cactus and desserts! What a delightful surprise to see there are many tropical paradises other than California and Florida in the USA. Here in south texas, especially Corpus Christi, there is a lot of fishing. I love the fresh seafood. It’s not the same as the Maritimes in Canada, (despite being right next to an ocean, they still import seafood from Canada!). This isn’t a culture shock, but a geographical shock that many people have.

2. Beautiful Nature!


They also call it the bird watching capital. And there is the largest butterfly center two hours away.
Screen Shot 2017-02-27 at 1.37.32 PM
This is a major stop for the Monarch butterflies.



I was glad to catch the rescue and release of these sea turtles. I saw people from all over America and even Canada witness this! (four Canadian license plates, two from Ontario, one from BC and another from Alberta, one traveller was quite seasoned!)



3. Yes, they actually have a sign for this!


4. They love Jesus so much, they want you to slow down your car!


5. They can’t be bothered to get out of their car when they want to eat!

This is a common fast food joint that is popular all over Texas called Sonic. I just couldn’t believe how popular this was. I also thought it was funny to see banks commonly having “drive-thrus” too!

6. They can’t be bothered to walk in a store!


It is very common to see courtesy electric wheelchair carts in all grocery and big box stores.

7. They can’t be bothered to even crumble their own feta cheese!


8. A lot of farming promise here!

Yes, I am growing my own goods!

You can grow anything almost year round! Orange trees are very common here. I thought Oranges only came from Florida and California.

hmm… and what else?

– They really really have the best BBQ. Their secret is their mesquite wood. You will never ever ever have meat in this form anywhere else. Vegans and vegetarians need to make the exception to try this BBQ or else you haven’t lived!

– Corpus Christi is the most ideal terrain for cycling. It is completely flat. Unfortunately though, it is dangerous for cyclists here. They need to build more bike paths.

– Oh and in Texas, they take justice to a whole new level. Virtually everyone gets tested for drug usage before getting hired and randomly at work! To think I used to work at places where they openly smoked weed during lunch makes me laugh!

They alert everyone by text if there is a dangerous criminal on the loose. The text notification has its own unique alert sound. Finally, they publicly make available a map of all convicts.


A lot has happened, but it doesn’t feel like it! Still!


Launched an EP, produced two music videos, improved my sewing skills, designed dresses & blouses, got engaged, moved to Texas, saw 16 states in one week, started a garden, made a few websites & my businesses made more money than last year.

I read some of my new years resolution from last year, and didn’t do them, so I will do it this year!

Next years resolution:

Music Life
– Get a mandolin & guitar set down and perform at least 15 times! (open mics, garden parties, etc)
– Get the Lucid Living music project out there with performances across this great nation. (at least 10 performances!)
– Get an instrumental soundtrack down then use them for my helpful how-to videos I will produce about gardening! Hybrid project!

– Master ear training and sight reading (I know how to do it, but some people can just play music from just looking at it, like reading a book!).
– Master gardening

– Be more serious, add new products, advertise and market.
– Participate in at least 3 artisan fairs!

– Continue to work out every single day.

Contributing to Society/Volunteering
– Produce at least 12 how-to videos