A lot has happened, but it doesn’t feel like it! Still!


Launched an EP, produced two music videos, improved my sewing skills, designed dresses & blouses, got engaged, moved to Texas, saw 16 states in one week, started a garden, made a few websites & my businesses made more money than last year.

I read some of my new years resolution from last year, and didn’t do them, so I will do it this year!

Next years resolution:

Music Life
– Get a mandolin & guitar set down and perform at least 15 times! (open mics, garden parties, etc)
– Get the Lucid Living music project out there with performances across this great nation. (at least 10 performances!)
– Get an instrumental soundtrack down then use them for my helpful how-to videos I will produce about gardening! Hybrid project!

– Master ear training and sight reading (I know how to do it, but some people can just play music from just looking at it, like reading a book!).
– Master gardening

– Be more serious, add new products, advertise and market.
– Participate in at least 3 artisan fairs!

– Continue to work out every single day.

Contributing to Society/Volunteering
– Produce at least 12 how-to videos

How to Pack Up & Move to the USA From Canada

I had to find the most cost efficient way to move from Canada to the deep south USA. I was quoted $3600 from a moving company. There was no way I was going to part with my material goods that I took so much time to find and buy. The best way to transport all my stuff was to rent a mini van. You can’t rent a car in Canada and drop it off in the USA, so the next best option was to rent a car from the closest American city. My fiance took a plane from Texas to Boston and from there drove to Montreal. Avis was the best deal for this, but we asked for a minivan and they gave us a “Ford Flex”, which is much smaller! I had to give away a lot of my stuff because we were anticipating bigger cargo space!

Anyway, all in all, the cost was less than $3000, we had an adventure and stopped in many interesting cities.