How To Grow Pomegranates From Seed!

So I took a stab at it and got interesting results! Gotta make sure I keep it stable so I can enjoy the fruits of my labour in the 10 years it takes to grow these! I got the seed from a store bought pomegranate. Can you believe it?


Screen Shot 2017-06-24 at 7.51.22 PM



A Typical Day at a Grocery Store in a Small Town

I went to the grocery store this morning. It was a beautiful day with the perfect temperature of 28 degrees. The parking lot was packed with cars, the bike rack was empty. I locked my bike to the rack and continued on. My cart had a few items, lettuce head, tomatoes, avocado, bananas and chicken. That’s it. The guy in front of me at the lineup bought buns, hot dogs and chips. The guy behind me bought gatorade and soft drinks. The woman beside me bought a bunch of canned and boxed “food”.

These people are willingly poisoning themselves in the “greatest nation”.

Where Art Really Is

I’ve been to many art galleries and I am not struck with the same sense of wonder or creativity as much as a walk through Ikea.

Ikea gives you the full visual experience. It’s not just art on the wall. The art is the wall, its the floor, the ceiling and everything in it. Imagine how amazing a museum would be if they considered all aspects of the environment. The Ikea designers there probably put more thought and care for their viewers than most artists do it seems!