Some Girls They Just Can’t Be Tamed

Now here is a song I can relate to! This is a track from my new favourite country band! I discovered it via the lead singer who WAS in my all-time other favourite band (Jakalope). I better get my mandolin game down before I can get the nerves to ask to play in the band!

“When I was a young girl my momma used to say
‘I hope you have a kid like you who talks back that way’
They said as I was getting older I would settle down
Grow up, get a real job, and turn my life around
Can’t tell you if it’s right or wrong, it’s just my way
One day I’m gonna have a girl, I hope she’s just like me
Some things they never change
Some girls they just can’t be tamed
I’ll still have my wild streak and I’ll run this pony show
With a beer in the one hand, baby in the other, still playing the banjo
I’ll take my girl around the world, backstage at every show
Not sitting in a schoolhouse, she’ll learn as much front row
And when my girl gets older, I’m gonna show her how
She can do any damn thing she wants with no one to hold her down”

Always Leave People Better Than When You Found Them

This is an adage I think I will go by! Doesn’t mean you have to be overtly nice to everyone. Sometimes snapping a good point they disagree with helps too! Just do it in a diplomatic un-insulting manner.

Is it healthy to be healthy?

Is it possible to have a completely healthy life? Can we have work, fitness, fresh food, academics, hobbies, family and friends all at the same time? Or can we only pick a few?

Well, I imagine that in this “healthy” society where you have it all, the friends and family would be involved in either (or all of) work, fresh food, academics, fitness and/or hobbies. Example, instead of hanging out with your friend/family in the living room watching tv or going to a cafe just chatting, you would have that chat as the soundtrack when going to the gym together, going to the groceries together, cooking together, taking a class together, etc. Shared experience is what makes for stronger relationships, not only shared interest or chemistry.

Another thought:

Eating a plant based diet on a budget may not be expensive, but it takes a lot a lot a lot of time! If you make everything from scratch and fresh, be prepared to be a slave in your own kitchen, all day, every day. It’s gotten to the point where I have two dish dry racks! You will most likely go to the grocery store once a day, and sometimes even twice.

Oh and I’m not even mentioning having an edible garden!

Weekend Trip to Austin

Well we always make a stop on the way to a good old fashion BBQ restaurant, (otherwise we eat mostly vegan!)













Once the man’s hangers are over, we then ride our bikes a few laps in this dedicated bike park in Austin called the Veloway.




Oh and then we visit the suspected secret studios of InfoWars! The hub of all the conspiracy-funnies!





Later on that day, we went to see ‘She Wants Revenge’, the real reason why we even went to Austin that weekend!



No trip to a big city is complete without going to Ikea and getting some modern furnishings!


Other things that weren’t pictured in this trip includes our stay at a tiny house with outdoor shower and compost toilet, seeing millions of bats coming out under the bridge (it was too dark to take a picture), and getting bread at a legit closest-to-french bakery!