Yes, I am Actually Happy With The Wild Child

Yes, my baby is kicking up a storm in utero to the point that it really hurts, with the skin stretching and all. I did some googling to see if this is any indication of his personality. No science to back it up, but a lot of personal experiences documented on forums tell me it does. Wild fetus = Wild child. Sadly, these soon-to-be-parents mention how they are “afraid” of an energetic child. This angers me! They should be excited to have an energetic child, and if they don’t have an energetic child, they should do everything it takes to encourage being energetic.

Do these parents care about having a child that is going to grow up to be strong, independent and successful? An energetic person is someone who is physically active, speaks up for themselves and won’t give up. I want the kid who talks back to me, play all day and explores.

But sadly, these selfish parents seem to want the meek, subservient, pushover types because they just care about making their own lives easier and nothing else really. Yet these children are punished by the same parents when they don’t succeed in school or in the real world which require the opposite characteristics. They want to put in as minimal effort as possible in child rearing. The “easier” it is to raise the child, the “better” this “good” kid will be. The more mute, lifeless and agreeable, the better. These are not the parents that have any interest in their children’s future. So then why do they bother having kids? These are the lazy selfish parents that just want to use their kids as an accessory for compliments on social media. Or they probably have some disney 1950’s vision of what a family should be like. Or they had the kids by accident and try to sustain an easy life for themselves. They are probably the parents whose first choice is to throw their kids in front of a tv to get them out of their hair rather than making them participate in sports and other extra curricular activities.

I’m not entirely sure all the purposes people have for parenting. In my view, parenting should only be about doing what’s best for your children and their future. Anything else is foolish and evil.

Transitioning Off Facebook Thoughts

My husband wonders why I don’t share our personal life on Facebook. But I point out that I also don’t even post my birthday or any personal milestones there. I am just not comfortable with sharing personal information with acquaintances (and expired friends) who are not soliciting for them (nor would I want to share with necessarily). Also, I am not interested in unsolicited useless information from them.  I unfollowed pretty much everyone. My brain has no benefit to register their life details. I took control of my newsfeed so I can see updates from the groups, places and pages that I should care about. The only personal information updates I am actually concerned about is my direct family and a few friends. And that’s my limit, and I think maybe once a day of that info is more than enough.

Also, the brain could benefit with some focus. Being inundated with constant tidbits about different things can’t be good. What can I achieve when I am scrolling through streams of other people’s consciousness, random pictures, announcements of other people’s accomplishments, etc? It’s good to dedicate your day to two or three things (family, work & fitness, maybe even real fun!). Your thoughts will be deeper, your imagination will be more vivid, you will be much happier, these are just some things that happened to me when I stopped using it.

There are other ways of archiving your life and you can use Facebook for other purposes. Sometimes I use it as a place where I share information I think that could better the world. Or I share positive things I did that I want other people to follow. For example, I planted fruit trees in my local public park so that the community has a constant supply of some free food! I also talked about planting milkweeds and all the endangered Monarch Butterflies being attracted to it.

I think it’s best to archive my life with travel photos, fun pictures, thoughts & milestones here on my website! My way!

Choosing A Child’s Name

I thought this would be easy, I had the perfect girl’s name, but I do not have the perfect boy’s name. And guess what I am having? Yea.

It has to be two syllables, at most three. Easy to pronounce. A nice ring. A strong presence. Very unique. I don’t want hundreds of people to have the same name (since his last name will be common). Also, I don’t want the name to be associated with any culture (nor any religion!). This has to be the name of a brighter future! So I thought about using scientific names, like Argon or Radon. My husband is against this of course. I’m also trying to invent a new sounding name, but unfortunately nothing unique is coming up, they are all taken! So let me know if you have something!

What was 2017 like?

What can you achieve with new years resolutions in the “business world” and “art world” when the “life world” has been jam packed with an international move, getting married and pregnancy news all in one year!?

It may be overwhelming for some, but not enough to hold me down!


  • Achievements
    • Worked on a few new songs
  • Attributes
    • Slightly increased my music production skills.
    • Got the attention from my dream producer.
    • Performed & collaborated with my husband.

Clothing Line

  • Achievements
    • Designed new clothes.
    • Made some sales and a reputation via etsy and artisan fairs.
  • Attributes
    • Learned natural dyeing.
    • My husband set up a fabulous sewing studio!
    • Learned more seamstress stuff (patternmaking, etc)


So what do I plan on doing in 2018?

  • I will finish an album.
  • Relaunch clothing line with at least 50 items and aggressive marketing.
  • Expand my YouTube channel with well produced videos at least once a week.
  • Expand Home in a Metronome with at least 10 more new posters.