Who’s reading this?

Although I have older posts from years ago, technically this blog started a few weeks back, and since then I’ve been getting a steady increase of hits. The first few days it was at 0, then it slowly increased by 1, then 2, then sometimes 4, and today its around 5. That may be a small number to you, but it’s big considering that this blog is not being advertised at all.

Well, I’m lying, I only made a mention of it on my facebook profile, but I doubt anyone visits that. I only told 2 people about this blog.

So who are the other 3 people? Maybe those 2 people I told don’t visit everyday or at all, so it could be really 5 unknown people. The hits do not come from a search on google, if it has, the statistics info would have made me aware. So fess up! Who are you? Reveal yourself!

Or at least message me a riddle of clues indicating your identity!

Are you a friend? Are you a friend of a friend? Friend of an enemy?Just an enemy? Do I even know you?

Please feed my curiosity! I’m just dying to know!

A ray of light

Once upon a time, deep in a gloomy hole of a dive where pint guzzling and stupor meanderings remained prevalent to the better end of the night, a mysterious man in a top hat and curly mustache came up on the stage playing the guitar singing, ‘it’s great to be a human…’.

Under a jumpy jovial chord progression he continued, “Wanna know why it’s great to be a human?” Because you get to hang out with your friends, because your parents love you, because you get to like stuff!

Everyone looked up distraught suddenly reminiscing on cheery early days of apple juice, crayons, and sunshine…

“How have children received your music so far?”

“I played at a birthday party once for 1 year olds, they didn’t seem to get it,”

An on-listener jumped in on the conversation, “It has an adult appeal to it, you know.”

Doctor Key’s really hit a soft spot in my heart when and where I least expected it, the 460!

You can listen to a clip of this song here:


Or check out his site:


Asbestosis and Political Apathy

Asbestos, being the lethal substance that it is, is banned in Canada yet still remains to this day a heavily exported item. One member of parliament, being the one in my riding, has no problem making this clear with me.

The issue first came to my attention from a piece done by the CBC that insightfully explained the plight of the millions of Indians currently dying a excruciatingly painfully slow death because asbestosis.

Canada exports 4 millions tonnes of asbestos each year, a third of it goes to India, and the rest goes to Russia, Kazakhstan and Zimbabwe.

It goes without saying, this is very criminal and highly uncharacteristic of what the Canadian government is supposed to stand for.

There’s a few glimmers of hope though, a few NDP MP’s have brought the issue up, and even Liberal leader Michael Ignatieff voiced his concern in parliament.

I wanted my MP to join the movement, but he made it no secret that he fully supports the exports of asbestos!

To my utter dismay, Jim Karygiannis (who is a ‘liberal’) tells me that we need to be mindful of the jobs in Quebec (where asbestos is mined), and Canadian businesses have to stay competitive. If we ban the exports, then India will buy asbestos from another country, and Canada will lose money. oh no.

I told him these are the low morales of a used car salesman, not the Canadian government!

He went on to use analogies such as guns being banned in Canada but we still produce and export them to other countries. In fact there is a factory in Scarborough that produces guns! Should we close it down in light of the fact that 200 families will be without food on the table?

Could he at least be more convincing in his arguing? Did I have to tell him this short sighted view doesn’t consider that those guns kills way more than 200 people, if not a lot more people around the world!

Then he gave me some silly shpeel of how the money makes the world go round, and we gotta create jobs. So why stop human trafficking? Where does ethics come to play?

But he seemed to have more insight in that regard, “I saw suffering. I was in Iraq last week,” So?

For him, money is the bottom line. The mission in Afghanistan was just to give soldiers jobs he said.

I don’t mind an opinion, but I do mind an ill-informed one. Then I checked his credentials, which was engineering. That might explain why he thinks in numbers, but that’s not an excuse.

If you live in the Scarborough/Agincourt riding, please let him know that some Canadians care about others, even if they are Indian.

[email protected]
(416) 321 5454

Getting my leather boots tailored at a Good Price in Toronto!

I found the right boots at the mall last week, and like all boots, the calves area was just too large. I had to get it tailored by the right guy, but not for an arm and a leg! Some charge up to $100 for this!

Mr. Sako at Van Horne Plaza in Toronto does it for $50! And he does a good job! I thought I should take some time to praise good work as it is rare to come by these days.

He paid extra attention to every detail, measuring and repeatedly asking me if I was comfortable. He made me walk, bend down and walk some more just to make sure. It was ready in a week, and when I came to try it on it was a perfect fit! No hassle, no fuss, no muss.

I am a new proud owner of nice sleek boots. Some people argue that $50 is even too much… but I’m someone who puts emphasis in having nice things to wear. I’d rather have one pair of nice boots than 10 crummy ones! If I could, I would tailor all my clothes too!

If you live in the Toronto area and need someone to trust your expensive leather items to tailor, check out:

Mr. Sako Shoe Repair

2824 Victoria Park (Vanhorne Plaza)

(416) 491-2351

To Better Days!

I woke up earlier than usual, with a calm and clearer head, my IQ shot up by 10 points and I looked forward to the day. I felt as light as a feather, the heavy burden that’s plagued my existence suddenly gone .

Without realizing, I started to clean my room, tidying every nook and cranny. I wear nicer clothes, I comb my hair. My mother and I get along a whole lot better.

I sing more often, with more ease, with more control, like I’m flying with my voice. A burst of energy radiated from within and I am charged with motivation in my craft.

The Problem was gone for good. When I pushed The Problem away at first, it stubbornly stayed, implanting itself with promises and smiles… and even piquing my pity.

It all wore away with the mental tornado it was brewing within that would harm me, and even my family and my friends. That was the breaking point. I couldn’t fall into it anymore.  It was more harm and no good.  Then I had to make it ugly, I had to make it official. Now The Problem is really gone, leaving the orbit of my world. It’s residues stay though, serving as reminders of the haunting past and the lessons with it.

Troubled souls are best left alone. Don’t try to be a hero. There’s better things to do. I learned the hard way.