Socially irresponsible Malls.

I went to Scarborough Town Centre today, a local mega mall, to find out there were absolutely no recycling bins to be found.

This is particularly disturbing as reciepts are issued by the second, newspapers are being bought, and worst of all flyers are being distrubited all to end up in the garbage bins.

It came to my attention when I saw promoters aggressively handing out stacks of flyers and brochures to everybody. As he waved one in my face, I asked him, “Did you wonder where those flyers and brochures go after people are done with them?”

They end up in the garbage bins conveniently located every 10 yards.

It wasn’t the promoters fault for sure, but I implored him to please advise the management… something I took upon myself to do later on anyway.

Frontline guest services were eager to help relay my complaint. It didn’t came to their attention before it seemed.

How could it not have? Malls are demons when it comes to landfills!

Especially their food courts. Sure, luckily there are bins provided for cans and bottles, but this is as far as they go it seems. The reality is that so much left over food are thrown out into mounds along with their disposable cups, plates, and cultlery.

Why won’t more food-chains provide reusable cups and plates? Why can’t the food left over be composted? Do we really need our subway sandwhiches to be wrapped in an assortment of paper?

It’s not a one way street, people need to make some changes too. Why can’t people bring their own tupperware for food to be put in next time they buy it? (Maybe that’s a bit too far). Whats the harm in bringing reusable napkins?

Its small changes like these that are required to get closer to a cleaner and more sustainable society.

– I have yet to hear a response from Scarborough Town Centre’s Management.

Who are these people?

If you’ve been walking on the streets of Montreal lately, you may have noticed persistent Phillipino women with their unicef looking boxes demanding money in the guise of a good cause.

This salesman persistence, highly uncharacteristic of a charity, raised some suspicion in me. What exactly is this charity? Do you issue charity tax receipts? What is your charity number?
She had no answer to these questions, instead she kept on asking me if I would like to give money.

On the box there was some information about the company, their website and address, and a number. All of which I scribbled down.

The box provided an address, 2037 Billeron which is in the suburbs of NDG and is some IT company.

Their website however, provides contact information from the phillipines. It’s pretty vague, and doesn’t provide a public balance sheet, (which charities usually provide).

I looked this company up on the better business bureau, and nothing. They were not even in the database.

I even took the time to call Revenue Quebec, and they have no information on them, they weren’t even a registered charity. Odd. Though they asked me questions so they could further investigate.

Could this company possibly make money under the pretense of giving it to children stricken with poverty in the Phillipines?

If it is, I’ll be sure to grab that box and give it to the United Way.

Sure there are corruption in other charities… but we can only take every measure to ensure 100% transparency. Be sure to ask questions, and take the time to read up on the law.

We shouldn’t only rely on the government to put everything in order, we should also assume civic responsibility.

Shake Hands with the Devil – A Movie Review

It’s been over 10 years since the genocide in Rwanda, the worst thing to have happened in recent history, and nothing has been able to tell this story better than the movie “Shake Hands with the Devil”.

This movie is probably the closest we will ever come to understanding the genocide as experienced through the eyes of General Romeo Dallaire. No details were spared, as this film included the callousness behind the systematic mass murder of a million people, the superpowers’ cold shoulder, and the anguish in one man in his relentless drive to put an end to this all.

All parts were brilliantly filmed in their original locations. As well, the actors were greatly casted (especially leading actor, Roy Depuis). This movie, in its heart wrenching, and upsetting moments, communicates the facts straight.

Absolutely be sure to watch “Shake Hands with the Devil” (and read the book).
And be grateful that Canadian funding still exists to tell these stories.

And on a side note, did you write to your MP about the badly needed aid in present day in Darfur?

Car Crazy At Fairvew

For anyone who is a public transit user that tries to get to Fairview Mall in Toronto, this post for you. I voiced my opinions to the powers to be and got no response.

When the Sheppard line was constructed, it was generally expected that Fairview Mall would be connected to Don Mills Station.  Unfortunately that wasn’t the case, as many public transit commuters found themselves traveling across busy parking lots to get to the main entrance.

The alternative entrance that is closer (but still not connected) can only be used for metropass holders. Occasionally, during rush hour there may be a ticket collector standing at the door to collect the fare. But its always a guessing game, and chances are you have to go through that obstacle course each time you want to get on the bus. And if its winter, you will have to endure its harsh blows as you travel across the parking lot.

This inconvenience seems as though they prefer to cater to their driving guests. Fairview mall, not only has overground and underground parking, it also conveniently placed a 5 or 6 story large parking buildingwhen Don Mills station opened! Those who want to leave their cars parked for the purpose of using the subway are not allowed to do so.

If this is any concern to you, please contact the powers to be, Cadillac Fairview and Councillor Dave Shine of Willowdale (Ward 24) via phone 416-395-6413 and e-mail 
[email protected]

We definitely need a tunnel connecting Fairview mall and Don Mills station!

I will update you when I get a response!