American Eagle Also Forgot “u”


American Eagle merchandise display in Canada does not comply with Canadian spelling!


I know I write extensively on the issue of American companies disregarding Canadian spelling in their marketing displays, but I can’t help it. In my present circumstance in life, I have to walk by a mall every morning and afternoon five days a week, and seeing the letter “u” omitted from common words like “colour” and “neighbour” is like a major slap in my face.

Here is what I wrote to American Eagle just now:

The Canadian store displays currently at American Eagle does not comply with Canadian spelling. The word “favorite” is repeatedly posted on the display, when it should have been spelled “favourite”, with the “u”.

The error, though a small one, just shows how much you respect your Canadian customers.

I will be posting this story on my blog as a sort of push for you to correct this ASAP. I will also be posting the response I get, so hopefully it will be good.

My blog also has the picture of the display I am referring to at.