White Squirrel Sighting in Montreal!

This shot clearly proves that this white squirrel is in Parc Lafontaine, Montreal because you can see Théâtre de Verdure in the background.

With only a few rare sightings in Toronto, and other North American cities, I am proud to say that they also make Montreal their home!

This is big news since white squirrels aren’t known for being here! I saw this white squirrel in Parc Lafontaine one summer night and took as many pictures of it as I could with my cellphone. The images are not the best quality, but if you squint, you can clearly see its white glow and furry little tail. And you can also clearly see that it is in Parc Lafontaine because Théâtre de Verdure is in the background. I was not able to tell if it was white or an albino. It’s time to let the public know! I am going to write to the media and see if they buy the story! Readers, I will let you know what happens.

Another look at the white squirrel in Montreal. I took as many shots as I could!


Bluegrass Jam at Barfly, Montreal

A cool thing to do on a Sunday evening is to hang out with the gang at the Barfly for the bluegrass jam. It’s all you could ask for in a jam, the people are friendly, good vibes, cheap beer, and most of all, the music is great!

I’ve been there for the last while now to perform my favourites and jammed with cool people along the way and got the good old fashion southern hospitality. Not all of them have websites, but here are a few of the ones I managed to get. Check out their songs and buy them!:

Terry Joe – Multi-instrumentalist, banjo, mandolin, guitar and so much more.

The Bombadils – Their band has an interesting mix of Celtic and Bluegrass. Be sure to “like” them on facebook!

I will continue to add on to the list of musicians, so keep on coming back, or send over recommendations for anyone I may have missed!


Something funny that happened.

So in my recent trip to Montreal, I paid an old friend a visit, let’s call him “K”. K is exactly my age and he is well into med school. He is already administrating medical procedures on people! Woah.

We sat on a park bench while I was asking him questions like, “How do you deal with the blood?”
“Don’t you get nauseated?”
“Aren’t you scared of making a mistake?”
“Isn’t this all stressful?”

K was very humble as he kept on playing it off like it wasn’t a big deal. “It’s not hard, it’s okay, you get used to it,” etc.

A guy who had been listening in to our conversation from another park bench got up and scoffed out loud, “I am an artist and I make $80, 000 a year!”

#1 – The Small Things in Life – Bike Clock

My friend said I could pass out in her roommate’s bed last Saturday. I was too tired to notice anything, I just crashed onto the bed. Little did I know I would wake up to a pleasant surprise in the morning.

A huge clock made out of a bike wheel was mounted on the wall. This signaled to me that it’s always time to ride a bike! As a bike enthusiast myself, this is such a great idea for my room. As you can see in this picture, he installed the hour hands himself and drew out the rest of the bike with tape. I just love this idea so much that I had to take a picture of it. I never met this roommate, but whoever he is, I bet we would get along just great!

It's always time to ride a bike!

My first attempt in tight rope walking

Who needs over-priced theme parks with their endless line-ups when all you need is a rope tied between two trees for a real adrenaline rush? I was at the Tam Tam’s in Montreal last Sunday, and saw that someone had set up a tight rope. I had to give it a try! And I got it filmed.

I appear a bit shaky in the video at first, but I do eventually walk a few steps, and I do completely let go of the guys hand at one point, and I even pivot and walk to the other side!