Shake Hands with the Devil – A Movie Review

It’s been over 10 years since the genocide in Rwanda, the worst thing to have happened in recent history, and nothing has been able to tell this story better than the movie “Shake Hands with the Devil”.

This movie is probably the closest we will ever come to understanding the genocide as experienced through the eyes of General Romeo Dallaire. No details were spared, as this film included the callousness behind the systematic mass murder of a million people, the superpowers’ cold shoulder, and the anguish in one man in his relentless drive to put an end to this all.

All parts were brilliantly filmed in their original locations. As well, the actors were greatly casted (especially leading actor, Roy Depuis). This movie, in its heart wrenching, and upsetting moments, communicates the facts straight.

Absolutely be sure to watch “Shake Hands with the Devil” (and read the book).
And be grateful that Canadian funding still exists to tell these stories.

And on a side note, did you write to your MP about the badly needed aid in present day in Darfur?